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The Quran

Welcome to the 
Islamic Center of Chico

A diverse community devoted to developing a peaceful environment where Muslims can worship and non-Muslims can learn about Islam

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Prayer Times

Jumu'ah Service

The Jumu'ah Friday khutbah (sermon) begins promptly at 1:30pm with a light meal served afterwards.

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Bathroom and wudu stations are available and a single private shower area in the men's and women's bathroom for those that need to make ghusl


Handicap Parking

If you are not handicapped or do not possess a handicap decal or license plate do not park in the handicapped spots

(violators will be ticketed by security)


Separate Entrances

Brothers: front main entrance

Sisters: first two doors outside on the left



Please monitor your children at ALL times. They must sit quietly in the designated area behind the sister's if they do not intend to pray or listen to the khutbah



Please park legally and do not double park or park in any non-designated spaces


Electronic Devices

Please silence your phones or leave them in your vehicle and remember why you are coming to the masjid


Make a Donation

​“The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the Way of Allah, is as the likeness of a grain (of corn); it grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah gives manifold increase to whom He wills. And Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures’ needs, All-Knower.”

[Quran – 2:261]

مَثَلُ الَّذِيۡنَ يُنۡفِقُوۡنَ اَمۡوَالَهُمۡ فِىۡ سَبِيۡلِ اللّٰهِ كَمَثَلِ حَبَّةٍ اَنۡۢبَتَتۡ سَبۡعَ سَنَابِلَ فِىۡ كُلِّ سُنۡۢبُلَةٍ مِّائَةُ حَبَّةٍ​ؕ وَاللّٰهُ يُضٰعِفُ لِمَنۡ يَّشَآءُ​ ؕ وَاللّٰهُ وَاسِعٌ  عَلِيۡمٌ‏ ( 261)

سورة البقرة

The House of Allah Needs Your Support!

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